Turning Travel Dreams into Reality for 30 Years

Calder & Lawson Tours Ltd is a New Zealand owned and operated company with three decades of experience of operating tours. The company works closely with Calder & Lawson House of Travel, with founding directors Alastair Calder,  John Matheson and Leen van Duin remaining in the operation and being part of the planning, strategic direction and development of tours.

The Calder & Lawson Tours team is made up of our tour managers and the office team all of whom are committed to ensuring you have an exceptional travel experience. Our tour managers, who escort you all the way, are well known in their fields of expertise and enjoy relating to people. Their knowledge and skill can take the hassle out of travelling to unfamiliar destinations and make a world of difference to your enjoyment.

Our office team have vast travel knowledge and genuine pleasure in getting to know you. They enjoy being part of your travel planning and decision making and value the personal service they can offer each of our travellers.

L to R:  Kevin Palmer, Accountant and Tour Manager. Penny Pickett, Tour Operations. Rosanne Matheson, Managing Director. John Matheson, Director & Tour Manager.  Kathryn Hunter, Tour Operations.  Andrew Matheson, Tour Developer & Tour Manager.  

As most of our tours include almost everything and there are no hidden costs, you get good value for money. You won’t have to drive, navigate or find your way in new places – often a source of tension! You will travel with people with similar interests and many of you will return home having made new friendships.

Calder & Lawson Tours originated from an agreement with the University of Waikato in New Zealand, to take over its specialised Travel & Learn Tours unit. The university endorses our tours and we still work closely with them  to maximize the development of the travel and learn concept.

Calder & Lawson Tours supports community arts

Calder & Lawson Tours has renewed its sponsorship of the Calder & Lawson Gallery in the Academy of Performing Arts at the University of Waikato.

For more information on the Calder & Lawson Gallery click here.