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Walking & Biking

Active tours for walkers

and bikers.

Enjoy and connect with a destination

Neither boot camp nor ‘Tour de France’ experiences, these tours offer another way to enjoy and connect with a destination. All of our walking tours and biking tours are accompanied by experienced tour managers and local guides. A walking or biking tour is a great way to travel slowly, ditch the crowds and get to know a destination in more depth and often at a local level as we generally avoid larger cities in favour of more remote locales.

Fitness and experience
Walking and biking distances and the types of terrain and altitude covered are noted in each itinerary. We are always happy to discuss fitness requirements with you, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Walking tours

Walk and explore attractive and contrasting areas of a particular destination. Many of our walking tours spend up to a week in each area, which helps to keep packing and unpacking to a minimum. Other tours are more ‘on-the-go’ but still keep to a manageable pace. We stay in well-appointed comfortable hotels with a local flavour, often in smaller towns.

The tours build in many opportunities to sample local cuisine and wines. Our walking tours vary in the level of fitness required so you can choose from leisurely walking to more demanding treks.  On some tours, you have options each day to have a shorter or longer walk, or even take a day off to rest or explore at your leisure. Transport is often used to take you to or from many of the day walks so we can offer you walks that would be hard to get on your own.

Walking France

Biking Tours

Our escorted bike tours allow you to explore an area while enjoying an active holiday which is a more intimate experience than visiting by coach, train or cruise. They are designed for the ‘casual’ biker, but you must be able to ride a bike safely and proficiently. Our relaxed itineraries follow well established bike paths where possible, and we avoid busy roads as much as we can. You are often taken into the countryside to explore small villages and picturesque back roads and view the local way of life.

Bicycles and usually helmets, are included, and a support vehicle may follow you on rides so you can take a break from riding if you wish. Some rides can be extended on days when you want a little more exercise.

On some of our bike tours we stay on small ships or river barges which helps keep packing and unpacking to a minimum as you bike during the day and return to your floating hotel at the end of each ride.

As with all Calder & Lawson Tours, there is always the opportunity to discover the culture, history and cuisine of your destination. We make sure you are not on your bike the whole day.

E-bikes are very popular and we offer them on all our bike tours. On some tours there may is a limited number available so it’s important to request an e-bike early when you register. It is essential for you to have had recent experience of riding an e-bike as the skills for riding one differ from those needed for a regular bike.

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