Walking Sicily & Southern Italy

By Pat Mandeno
Pedro, our bus driver has kept us entertained with his ability to navigate on the Sicilian roads. At times he has do 5 point turns to negotiate the narrow lanes in the picturesque villages or reverse to allow oncoming traffic room to manoeuvre. 

Pedro is willing to collect us after our wonderful walks such as in the ZINGARO or Vendicari Nature Reserves to maximise our excursion time.

Sicily has revealed many wonders to our group of intrepid travellers.

The legacy remaining from 2500 years at the crossroads of the Western world on this largest island in the Mediterranean Sea unfolds as we tour. Greek temples, Norman cathedrals. Roman aqueducts and the fact that Sicily was once called the bread basket or granary of Rome.

The Arab influence is also apparent in the variety of cuisine found here. We have experienced wine and chocolate tasting and many culinary treats at the local restaurants.

Taomirna, the site of the recent G7 conference was our base to explore Mt Etna. The excursion by cable car, jeep and then by foot to the safe zone of the crater look out on a fine but windy day was a highlight.

In the evening, some of our group attended a concert of Italian opera at the Giorgio Theatre. At the interval we were given a glass of Champagne on the terrace that over looked the bay and cruise ships illuminated on this clear still night. A perfect way to finish another day in paradise.