Walking in Iceland

By Warwick Silvester
The unique attraction of Iceland as a destination is its geography, geology, landscape, and geothermal activity and its social and geological history has the potential to enthral. Its enormous glacial valleys overlain with so much recent volcanic activity lend unique structures to the mystery of the land. Some of the spectacular sights included:

Jokulsaron glacial lagoon where the ice which is calved from the glacier floats in the lake until it downsizes enough to exit the lake into the sea.


Reynisfjara – where we were delighted to see the long promised basalt columns. There were multiple columns of all sizes and the debate on whether they are five or six sided was finally resolved, marginally in favour of five sided.


But it was the amazing waterfalls of Gullfoss and the delicate Seljalandsfoss that had us truly enthralled. Gullfoss cascades down several drops and carries an enormous glacial melt. Seljalandsfoss on the other hand is a long gentle cascade that one can walk behind and savour its power.