Japan’s Art & Culture
April 2020

Would you like to gain an intimate understanding of Japan’s rich culture, vibrant art scene, and intriguing architecture?  This out of the ordinary tour introduces you to Japan’s Seto Inland Sea, a serene body of water dotted with an archipelago of islands.  The sea’s coastal periphery is decorated with clusters of elegant cities, peaceful shrines, imposing castles, showcase gardens, and stunning movie locations.  You will meet local artists and craftsmen and visit art and architectural sites that have stimulated the region’s revival.  Many of Japan’s best artists, movie makers, sculptors, and architects are active on these islands and you will see how their work adds vitality to their communities.  A day on Naoshima and visits to Miyajima’s ancient shrine and Hiroshima’s Peace Park are tour highlights.  You will finish with a few nights in Tokyo.  Traditional accommodation and regional cuisine add to this in-depth cultural experience.

This tour has been withdrawn from the 2020 tour programme.