Alaska Highlights

Lots and lots more highlights so will only give brief summaries:


Our friend, former Alaska State Congresswoman and former Mayor of Juneau, Sally Smith joined us for a walking tour of her city including a full tour of the State Capitol building, which they opened for us. They are in the middle of renovations and it is closed to tours.

The Alaska Native America Heritage Centre in Anchorage. Very very good displays and interpretations of the various First Nations groups.

A mother bear and three cubs crossing the road barely 20 yards from us when we visited the Anchorage 1964 Earthquake Memorial Park.

A sled tour hauled by 14 wonderful husky dogs in Seward, plus visiting their kennels and learning about the 9 day Ididerod race each March.


The 26 Glacier Tour of Prince William Sound out of Whitier. The mild winter and exceptional spring meaning that there was lots of calving happening on several glaciers. Awesome to watch and listen to.

On the same cruise, watching a brown bear lumber across a long beach and cliff face for a full 10 minutes.

The train trip from Anchorage – Seward. Nearly as good as our Tranz Alpine Express.  The Major Marine Tour of the Kenai Fjords during which we saw several pods of orcas very close by.  A walk to the edge of Exit Glacier near Seward – a highlight for many.

A nearly three hour gentle float cruise on the Kenai River on a zodiac.  Travelling on an up market dome carriage on the Alaska Railroad today.

We are now in Talkeetna getting ready for our last four days in Alaska. Everyone getting a little bit tired, but so delighted with virtually everything we have seen and done.


Written by Bruce Hosking

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