The Seven Essentials of Our Tours

As a result of extensive focus group research with our Calder & Lawson Tours customers, we identified what has now become ‘The Seven Essentials’, a group of elements that are paramount to all tour packages that we design.

  • Flexibility

    The itineraries are designed to be unique but also to allow some flexibility for customers. This allows an extended stay or the wish to combine a visit to family, or perhaps upgrade to a premium class of air travel. Free time is available in the itinerary and also the opportunity to opt out of part of the itinerary.

  • Adventure

    We have identified that there is a clear trend for new and adventurous destinations. Therefore we aim to take this trend into account and offer tours that are off the beaten track or have recently become more accessible to tourists.

  • Community

    Interfacing with local communities, so as to understand what makes a community “tick “ and what makes them different is built into some of our tours. This may be by spending time in villages, taking gifts for schools or inviting locals to speak about their lives.

  • Companionship

    On Calder & Lawson Tours, you will travel with people with similar interests who are enthusiastic and work together to make the most of the adventure.  Every endeavour is made to pair up singles if possible. Many of our clients return home having made new friendships.

  • Variety

    Every tour will have a wow factor or unexpected highlight! This may be a concert or an event, a featured meal or a unique visit. The itineraries of our tour packages are also designed to include variety each day and include experiences which would be hard to find on your own.

  • Security

    Every tour is accompanied by an experienced tour manager, who maintains 24 hour contact with the office while away. There is always a local guide as well. We want our customers and family at home to always feel safe.