Tours for lifelong learners

Calder & Lawson Tours was created to take over the  University of Waikato’s specialist Travel and Learn Unit. Now more than two decades later, the learning focus remains strong and a formal agreement with the University enhances this concept.

As New Zealanders, we are a curious bunch who love to travel to understand people’s lives and cultures. We include as much local flavour in our tours as possible, with local guides to share their country with you. We also include experiences and unexpected highlights which would be hard to find on your own.

All our Travel & Learn tours have a more explicit learning element be it history, natural science, ancient civilisations, geology, indigenous peoples or humanitarian aid and so they enable you to further your knowledge in areas of interest to you. You’ll get more out of your trip travelling with people who have similar interests to you and feel comfortable knowing that you will be well looked after throughout the entire journey.

Tour Summaries

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The warming relations between Iran and the West is compelling…

Britain's Transport Heritage - Trains and Boats and Planes July 2018

Trains and boats and planes passing by used to mean a trip for…

China's Silk Road September 2018

The Silk Road in central Asia is well known, but much less familiar…